McAuliffe Manual is dedicated to providing students with an outstanding international-focused, liberal arts education. By developing strong learning communities centered on core values and a shared commitment to academic excellence, 100% of our graduates will be prepared for high school, college, career and beyond. Through the collaborative efforts of students, teachers, parents and the community, our graduates will be inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people—leaders of the future who are prepared to live the life they dream of. MMMS will increase the number of students in poverty, students of color, students with disabilities, and English language learners that enter high school at grade-level. We are a diverse community with a relentless focus on academic excellence—one that embraces culture, language, innovation, arts and athletics.

MMMS provides a rigorous, high-performing learning environment for all students. As students transition from elementary school to middle school, teachers and school leaders collaborate to nurture each child’s academic and social-emotional welfare. MMMS has an intentional and consistent school culture, which is focused on the whole child, including academic achievement and growth, service learning experiences, and personal advocacy. Our entire school community demonstrates this culture, and by focusing on these elements, we believe we can achieve the Vision of DPS Classroom (as outlined in the DPS Academic Strategic Plan). Our culture supports students in their growing independence within a rigorous middle school program.

Community Meetings

Our principal holds frequent, grade-level meetings to review the week’s calendar and school-wide goals, celebrate student achievement, address concerns, and allow an opportunity for student voices to be heard.

Advisory and Reading Zone

Every day (excluding Community Meeting days) students attend an advisory period where they build community, eat breakfast and silently read their choice novels.

Building College-Going Habits and Skills

Students will be supported in developing study habits and skills that set them up for success in high school and college. Teachers provide students with the necessary guidance and support to succeed. One element of our focus is to instill individual responsibility for completing and turning assignments in on time. Zeros and missing assignments are not permitted.

  • Work Zone may be assigned requiring  students to stay after school to complete missing assignments or work on inadequately completed assignment
  • Refocus may be assigned to support students who struggle to meet school expectations or core values
  • Academic Success Center is available for students needing help in any class; students may drop in any Tuesday or Wednesday, between 4:00 and 5:00 pm in the Manual campus library

Restorative Justice

In order to create a culture of responsibility and personal accountability, McAuliffe Manual has a counselor-led restorative justice program to address disciplinary issues. Students and staff will make mistakes, but what matters most to our learning community is how these mistakes are addressed and become learning opportunities. The common expectation surrounding all disciplinary issues will require that the student/staff member: 1) acknowledge and accept responsibility for his or her mistake, 2) apologize and make restitution to the parties affected by the mistake, 3) do everything in his or her power to make sure that a similar transgression does not take place again.

Student Leadership

The students at McAuliffe Manual play a central role in maintaining a culture of high expectations and excellence. Our model relies on student leadership groups to serve as mentors for new/struggling students, act as mediators toward resolution of minor conflicts and disputes within the student body, and lead new student orientation and train incoming sixth graders on McAuliffe Manual’s culture and values.

Uniforms and Professional Dress

In order to prevent distractions and maintain a professional learning environment, appropriate attire and dress are required of all students and staff.  The dress code for all staff is, at a minimum, business casual.  Students wear school-issued shirts along with khaki or black pants, shorts, dresses or skirts.

Vision of a DPS Classroom

vision of dps classroom


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