Modeled after McAuliffe International School, McAuliffe Manual offers students a challenging, well-rounded liberal arts education that is based on learner-centered classrooms, character education and international-mindedness.

In order to offer the same programming as the McAuliffe International School campus, McAuliffe Manual Middle School has applied for and received Innovation Status from the Denver Public Schools’ Board of Education and Colorado State Board of Education in accordance with The Innovation Schools Act of 2008, § 22-32.5-101, et seq., C.R.S.

Innovation status allows McAuliffe Manual Middle School greater autonomy in how it manages time, money and staffing in order to provide a high-quality academic program for students. The McAuliffe Manual Innovation Plan will contain the same key features as the founding McAuliffe International School Campus:

  • Longer school day (8 hours)
  • Longer school year (186 days)
  • IB Middle Years Programme
  • Prioritization of funding and resources to directly support students and learning
  • All teachers are at-will employees

The school’s innovation plan, submitted and approved by the DPS board, is available here. You can learn more about DPS Innovation Schools here.

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