McAuliffe Manual / Manual High School Partnership

Partnership with Manual High School

Co-locating and aligning programming with Manual High School offers many unique opportunities for McAuliffe students:

  • Advanced students can take high school level courses (i.e. geometry) and earn high school credits while attending middle school
  • Students interested in a career in science can benefit from opportunities in the Med School at Manual program
  • Athletes will have access to high school level coaching and high quality facilities such as turf fields, a track, a swimming pool, the Thunder Dome, a weight room and a wrestling room
  • Visual and performing artists will have access to multiple art, music and dance rooms, in addition to a one-thousand-seat auditorium

Beginning 2017-18 school year, McAuliffe Manual will be co-located on the third floor of Manual High School. Manual High School’s Principal Nick Dawkins and McAuliffe at Manual’s Principal Jessica Long share a commitment to collaborative leadership and continuity of mission and vision between the two schools. You can access frequently asked questions about our move here (en espanol oprima aqui).

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