Vision, Mission, Principles


McAuliffe International Schools develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people through the collaborative efforts of students, teachers, parents and community. All members of the McAuliffe International School community will excel in academic achievement, personal conduct and service to the community.


McAuliffe Manual Middle School is a diverse, inclusive community of learners that nurtures students to lead fulfilling, balanced lives and transform our community and world. We are committed to the personal growth, high achievement, and equity of opportunities of all students to prepare them for high school and to support their lifelong success and well-being.

Guiding Principles

The basis of our culture and mission stems from our six guiding principles:

High Expectations: McAuliffe Manual provides a rigorous, safe and high-performing learning environment where all students are able to excel academically and grow personally. We focus on developing character traits that support students’ enduring success and well-being.  To that end, we work to:

  • empower students to be open-minded, reflective, creative and critical
  • encourage students to take intellectual risks and become lifelong learners
  • develop caring and principled students who show empathy and respect towards others, and who demonstrate a personal commitment to service, making a positive difference in the lives of others and the environment

More Time: Through our innovation status, McAuliffe Manual provides an extended school day (8 hours) and school year (186 days).  Increased instructional time allows our students to master skills and content and to move ahead in their preparation for high school and beyond. Additionally, the longer school day allows assignments to be completed during class, so there is minimal homework.

Liberal Arts Education: As an International Baccalaureate candidate school, McAuliffe Manual offers every student the opportunity to take full year courses in the arts, physical education, technology/engineering, world languages and choice electives, in addition to core subjects.  A robust offering of enrichment and athletic programming supplements our core curriculum.

Great Teachers: The foundation of any great school is great teachers. Our innovation status authorizes McAuliffe Manual’s leadership team to independently locate and hire the best teachers to fit our student’s needs.

Fun: Our program philosophy ensures that students thrive during the middle years. We believe that this time is special, so we nurture students’ exploration of themselves and their passions.

Inclusive and Diverse : We believe the diversity of our school community is a strength and fosters a feeling of home for each student. We’re committed to the personal growth and academic achievement of all our students. We work to eliminate achievement gaps by creating equitable opportunities and supports for all students.

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