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McAuliffe Manual students explore different areas in the arts and enroll in their full-year arts elective at the time of course selections. In each course, students develop skills in order to create and present art while deepening their understanding of art in the world. Students must be proficient in literacy and math to participate.

Course options include:

  • Drama – Acting, performing, and film
  • Choir 
  • Beginner Band – This course requires instrument rental or purchase; scholarships available
  • Intermediate Band – Students must have one year of experience playing an instrument
  • Orchestra – This course requires instrument rental or purchase; scholarships available
  • Visual Arts – Drawing, painting, and sculpture

Mariachi at Manual!
We are starting a Mariachi Band at Manual that is open to ALL McAuliffe Manual MS and Manual HS students, staff, and parents that are able and interested in attending our practices! The goal of our Mariachi Band is to develop our skills and perform at school and in the community. We have instruments for you to use and practice on! Our Mariachi Band will be open to the following instruments: Violin, Viola, Flute, Trumpet, Guitar (nylon string acoustic), Vihuela, Guitarron, and Vocalists. Flute, Trumpet, Violin and Viola players must have at least 1.5 years’ playing experience. All others are welcome regardless of experience.  You can contact John Jonas with any questions: 303-827-9519 or

Citywide offers a variety of district-wide events for instrumental and vocal music students at all levels, beginning through advanced. The program hosts festivals each year, two-day events culminating in concerts and accommodating approximately 250 students from across the district. Choir auditions for Citywide are scheduled for 9/20 (during class). Thomas Jefferson HS hosts the Citywide sections on Oct 27th and the Third Citywide Festival on Nov 2nd.

Important dates for MMMS Arts:

  • Oct 18: Fall Arts Festival @5pm in the Manual Campus Library
  • Dec 6: Winter Chorus Concert @6:30pm in the Manual Campus Auditorium
  • May 2: Spring Chorus Concert @6:30pm in the Manual Campus Auditorium
  • Oct 30: Middle School Drama Day (permission slips to come)
  • Mar 7-9: Spring Musical (TBA)
  • Apr 26: Shakespeare Day (more details to come)

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