Extra Academic Support for Students!

road to successAcademic Success Center and Work Zone launches this week!

Academic Success Center and Work Zone will be available for your student to support their learning. Please contact Andrea Sunday with any questions or concerns.


  • We encourage students to take advantage of this positive, academic support; ASC allows students to get extra support, extra practice, and get caught up on missing/unsatisfactory work before a mandatory Work-zone is assigned (on Thursday).
  • Tuesday and Wednesday every week from 4:10-5:00 pm in room 311
  • Students MUST sign up by 3:00 pm on the Tuesday or the Wednesday that they plan to attend ASC; sign-up sheets are posted each morning outside room 311


  • Work-zone is a MANDATORY assignment for students to complete missing or unsatisfactory work
  • Work-zone is held Thursday after school from 4:10-5:00 pm in room 311
  • On Thursdays after 1:00pm, Work-zone assignments are posted to Kickboard (for parent notice) and lists are posted in the hall at the top of each staircase (for student notice). It is the student’s responsibility to check the list to see if they have been assigned to Work-zone

Parents/Guardians will receive a phone call on Thursday before 2:00 PM if their student is on the Work-zone list. Please be sure your student is picked up promptly at 5:00 from school if they are attending either Academic Support Center or Work Zone.