School Supplies List 2017-18.

Manual Campus Library & Innovation Lab: Click here to access the Library & Innovation Lab services such as resource catalogue as well as space descriptions/reservations for The Commons, Makerspace, Collaboration Zone, & the Video Production Space.
Advice on getting your middle-schooler organized  for success:
Click here to access CO Academic Standards by content area and grade level. Also, you can click here to view the DPS Academic Standards website.
MMMS Assessment Policy (grading): We believe assessment is ongoing. Teachers are continuously assessing what our students know, what skills they can do, and what concepts they understand, but we pause at intentional intervals in the learning process to deliver formative and summative assessments. Click here to read the criteria and rubric.
The Denver Plan 2020: With the vision of Every Child Succeeds, DPS has committed to five specific goals designed to close academic achievement gaps and prepare all students for success in college and career. View the five-year strategic plan here.
DPS Information for families website: English // Spanish
School Performance Framework
Citizen’s Guide to Understanding the DPS Budget 2017-18
Bond & Mill Levy Information
Marijuana and the Teen Brain: health effects and support resources.
Special Education and Section 504 accommodations.

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